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Alon Zucker


Zbam: Our Story

Designs To Inspire.

Our Mission: To make lasting products that inspire creativity for all, by using the highest quality materials and making creations that have infinite uses we aim to achieve just that.

Our Company:

ZBAM’s goal is to continuously surprise our audience with breakthrough and unique products that provide solutions to small everyday problems. We manufacture products born from innovating thinking, that cover the areas of lifestyle, outdoors, design, and comfort.
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The inspiration for the design came directly from nature and modeled after a Gekko. This design allowed Gekkopod to be lightweight, unbelievably durable and most of all, multi-functional.

Special features:

Rugged Materials – Durable Silicone with steel internal structure designed to survive the wear and tear of everyday use.
Travel Ready – The Compact and Lightweight Mount is compact and can fit in any travel bag, hand bag, computer bag and camera bag..
Car & Travel — Use as a CD slot holder or hang on the back of the seat in front of you
Home & Office — Hands free viewing on any desk or counter top
Leisure & Outdoors — Wrap around bike handlebars, backpack, or baby stroller

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3POD  The New All In One Mount!

This ultra versatile mount can
be used in three main ways:
as a camera grip, extension arm or
flexible tripod. The folding arm is perfect
for POV or follow-cam footage, and
makes it easy to capture selfies without
the mount appearing in the shot.

The flexible tripod
Expands to 11” (52cm),
collapses to 5.2” (28cm)
And can carry up to 2.4 kg.

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Sticko is a tiny, smart innovation, that turned into a big hit! More than 50 Various uses, less than 5 cm!

Sticko is portable- easy to carry in your pocket or pocket book.

Sticko is simple- just adjust    one set of suction cups to the  back of any surface.

Sticko is chic- designed in a   variety of colors to fit your individual style and taste.

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