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Designs That Inspire

Zbam is an innovative product design company that specializes in functional product design at the highest quality. Our goal is to provide our customers with tomorrow’s best selling products. 

Our vision is to design smart and unique products that provide solutions to small everyday problems. We are driven by the thought that every lifestyle can be made simpler, cooler, and with style using our products.

The revolutionar
Memo-Flex Tech ®

The flexibility to put your devices everywhere.
Before Memo-flex tech, innovation and functionality weren’t in the lexicon for smartphone accessories. Mounts were made from heavy material, and gaudy sewn-on design were the industry norm. In 2015, this all changed.

Shlomo Zucker’s son and Global Creative Director, Alon Zucker, and VP of Innovation, Boaz Zucker realized they could apply the lightweight, Flexy, water-repellent silicon used by medical surge’s in everyday smartphone accessory market.

After an amazing 657% funded Kickstarter campaign and receiving rave reviews, it was clear they were onto something special. Fast forward to today, and Zbam is recognized worldwide as a trailblazing innovation and THE BRAND for functionality and performance.



Zbam team is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and materials in a variety of fields such as medical, smart home, speakers… Making sure we are ahead.

Design forExcellence

At Zbam, engineering is integrated into that process from Day One, when we delve into the needs, aspirations and psychology of the target consumer, to eventually emerge with a solution of brilliant design and engineering that enhances and maximizes their productivity, self-validation and joy.

Design for Quality

We believe in sustainable innovation - our ambition to double our business, while cutting our fans environmental impact in half by providing a long lasting quality products.

The Team

Shlomo Zucker

An inventor and expert in the design and production of plastic products.

An extensive list of healthcare and consumer products.

Several successful startup companies under his belt.

27 patents.

Boaz Zucker
CO-Founder & Product Design

Industrial designer.

Head of design Zuckerim.

Military service:
Shaldag unit.

Alon Zucker
CO-Founder & CEO

NLP Master.

Management and advertising strategy.

Business & management degree.

Military service:
Counter-terrorism unit.

Eyal Madar
CO-Founder & CEO

Computer science dagree.

Project/finance manager-Segunda.

Plaza LTD.

Co-founder & COO - WeeChange.

Military service:
Navy seals, Shayetet 13.

What they say about us

“Great products tell great stories, Great brands are built by the stories their customers buy and share.”